How to Interview an HOA Management Company

Any HOA management company can hire the talent to create an attractive, modern website that contains written language that communicates everything they want you to believe they offer. Any management company can also create an attractive canned presentation.

While having an attractive, modern website is desirable, and having a well-planned presentation is also desirable, we believe they are far less important than the ability to answer questions and provide valuable advice to HOA board clients.

If a board really wants to separate the professionals from the amateurs, they can do it by asking questions such as “how you would deal with the following problem…”

Every association that has been in existence for more than a few years has been faced with problems that needed to be resolved or they are currently facing issues that need to be addressed. If you want to find out how much knowledge and experience the person being interviewed has, ask him or her, how he or she would deal with the real or hypothetical questions you ask. You can also find out how much construction and maintenance experience they have by asking the right questions, and whether they have an in-depth understanding of the Davis-Stirling Act.

You can be polite and still ask difficult questions that require answers.

We believe the high-quality advice we offer our clients is what makes us different from other HOA management companies and the reason you should hire our firm.


Coast Management of California